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Dogtown SA – Saving More Lives

Nestled in the Hennops mountains is the most remarkable sanctuary, for dogs who have lost their families or have been rescued from dire situations. Every day the dedicated team at Dogtown provide individual care to each of these dogs in a peaceful, tranquil setting while they wait for their forever homes. 

Rescue dogs are not Broken

There is often a misconception that all rescue dogs are going to be damaged in some way, but that’s simply not true. There are plenty of wonderful dogs at Dogtown SA, who through no fault of their own have found themselves homeless and are just hoping for a second chance at a new life in a loving home.

Robs Retreat – Rehabilitation Area

 Sometimes however there are sadly a few dogs that have had a rough time and are struggling. These special need dogs require professional care. At Dogtown we have a dedicated rehabilitation area where our full time qualified trainers and behaviorists work tirelessly each day, improving the lives of these misunderstood dogs. 
We are often their last glimmer of hope to become well-adjusted dogs who can live full and happy lives.

Retirement Village

We are currently busy creating our retirement village to provide a safe and loving environment for the more mature residents who often require special medical care and are sadly dumped at animal shelters when they become too much trouble.

You can help us Save More Lives

Every year thousands of precious dogs lose their homes and their lives. With your help we can SAVE more lives and provide the best care for the abandoned and abused, while we search for loving families that will give them their happy ever after. 
We aim to offer lifelong commitment to the dogs that come into our care and a lifetime of support to their new families.

With the quality of daily enrichment and training by internationally qualified staff. The dogs at Dogtown receive the best care while they patiently wait for their loving home. Dogtown is the only true rehabilitation centre in South Africa with a team of 10 full time certified trainers and behaviourists seeing to the dogs every needs.

The majority of the dogs in our care are happy go lucky dogs who just need YOU!

To donate  and help us SAVE MORE LIVES, please click here.


DogtownSA is based in Hennops River, just outside Hartbeespoort Dam.

Please contact us for our full address.

We are open to the public everyday (weekends included) between 09:00 – 12:30 and again from 13:30 – 15:00.
Please contact info@dogtownsa.org to arrange your visit.

Contact the DogtownSA team:

General – info@dogtownsa.org
Adoptions – adopt@dogtownsa.org
Volunteer – volunteer@dogtownsa.org
Merchandise – shop@dogtownsa.org
Advertising and fundraising – pat@dogtownsa.org


For those helpless dogs and people who need it every minute.

Some of our great People

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Working for dog town to me is a calling i was born to make a difference in this world. for that one dog we save it makes a huge difference Giving Dogs A second chance in life to be loved, cared for In wonderful homes that’s what motivates me and fills my heart with joy.

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I love working at Dogtown and changing lives. This job is about understanding dogs and the challenges it holds to find ways to communicate with you dog. I get to work with dogs everyday and spend more time outside (instead of behind a desk!). It is absolutely rewarding to see your dog accomplish goals that you’ve set for him/her and that is the biggest motivation to keep going.

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I really love what I’m doing here at Dogtownsa. Helping dogs be better until they find their forever homes . I think I’m making a difference in by helping these dogs to trust” us” humans again, mostly ones that were abused and abandoned. It’s a blessing to be part of this Dogtownsa team ❤️🐕

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