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Dogtown to the Rescue

Dogtown to the Rescue

In August 2019, a year before Griffin joined Dogtown, we received a call about a scared, skinny dog who had found her way to Crawford College. She was in a sad state and needed to be rescued. Our team set out to see how they could help her. They arrived to find a hungry, exhausted, terrified young girl who would not let anybody near her.

She had clearly not had many positive interactions with humans in her young life, something we try to not think about because no dog deserves to ever know anything but love and kindness. The area where Crawford, as we named her, found herself in was quite big and our team took their time to get close to her. A rescue like this one could not be rushed as we could not risk the chance of her getting scared and running away, as the area is too big to try and find her again. After hours of getting in place and getting everything ready for her, the team managed to get a petrified Crawford in a position where she was surrounded by the Dogtown team and they were able to quickly get her into a crate.


The rescue was very traumatic for her but we knew it had to be done so that she could get the medical care she needed, a warm meal and then her road to recovery could start in a safe environment. Crawford slowly came out of her shell at Dogtown and day by day she became more trusting and curious about the humans at Dogtown. Today, 2 and a half years later Crawford is an outgoing, friendly girl who loves to go on adventures and meet new people. She spends her day with her best friend Griffin, and I am sure they sometimes talk about how their stars aligned and how they were rescued and were given a fresh start to a brand new life, where they know only love and kindness.

Crawford is still patiently waiting for a loving family to adopt her and take her to her forever home.