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Thank you for showing interest in our Foster Program

We would love to get to know you and hopefully place one of our many special dogs or cats in your foster care so that they can experience a home and family environment, while we search for a forever home for them.

Please read through the below procedure in terms of becoming a Dogtown Foster family and if this seems like something you would like to get involved in, please complete online sign up form at the bottom of the page and we will get in touch with you to let you know how you can get involved. Please read through the important info BEFORE you sign up.

What is a Foster parent?

A foster parent is somebody who is willing to give temporary care and housing to one of our dogs or cats while we search for a forever home for that pet.

Foster parents assist Dogtown in networking and advertising their foster pet and then refer any interested parties to Dogtown to go through the official adoption process.

Foster parents shower their foster pets with love and affection.

Foster parents are matched with a suitable dog/cat in our care which they then take into their home and provide them with a loving, family environment while we search for a forever home for them.

How Does Medical Treatment / Vet Visits Work?

Dogtown has a range of preferred vets who we have a trusting relationship with and who also provide us with special rates. Foster families are required to check with Dogtown before taking their foster pets to any vet so that we can arrange for the visit to be put on Dogtown’s account as we are responsible for any medical costs.

In the case of emergencies, foster parents are encouraged to go to any emergency vet to get the foster pet emergency care as their first priority.

Foster parents are required to commit to taking their foster pets for checkups or any medical needs they may have.

It is important to note that Dogtown will never supply any foster parent with cash, we will always pay the vets directly.

What Does Dogtown Supply?

All foster pets are the financial responsibility of Dogtown and therefore we will provide their food, deworming, tick & flea treatments. Foster families are of course welcome to sponsor any of the items their foster pet requires, should they wish to.

Dogtown provides continuous support to all foster families to ensure that the foster pets settle in well and our behaviourist will be available to assist should the need arise.

Dogtown will provide the food for the foster pet for the duration of their stay in the foster home (which can be collected from Dogtown)

Responsibilities of a Foster Parent

Foster parents are responsible for providing their foster pets with a safe, loving home environment where the foster pets are an integral part of the family and sleep indoors at night.

Foster parents would need to commit to giving their foster pet the same quality care they would receive if they were at Dogtown in terms of feeding them a consistent, well balanced diet, taking them for regular exercise and providing mental stimulation.

Foster parents are required to stay in contact with Dogtown and give regular updates on how their foster pet is doing and communicate any adjustment issues with us so that our team can assist.

Foster families commit to keeping their foster pets up to date with routine treatments such as vaccinations, deworming and tick & flea treatment (which can be collected from Dogtown)

Three Types of Fostering

Short Term

Short term/emergency fostering can be where a pet needs to be placed for a few hours or a few days until we are able to take that pet into Dogtown.

Long Term

Long-term foster means that the foster family will commit to fostering a pet for weeks or months until we find a suitable forever home.

End of Life Care

This is a very special type of foster which is specifically focused on our senior dogs and dogs who are terminally ill. Our dream for them is to spend the remainder of their time, whether it be weeks, months or years, in a loving home as part of a family.

Please Note

Foster parents are not allowed to transfer their foster pet into somebody’s else care. Should they become unable to care for that pet, they need to return the pet to Dogtown.

Foster families have to inform Dogtown should they plan to move so that a new foster agreement with the new address can be drafted.

Foster parents will have the option to adopt their foster pet and we will communicate any interest in the foster pet as it arises. It is however important to note that once an application and home check has been approved for another family, the foster family will not be able to adopt the pet as we would have already committed to the adoption with the adoptive family.

How to Become a Foster Parent

Step 1: Complete the online sign up form (link below)

Step 2: Submit your home video via WhatsApp (we will advise on what is required)

Step 3: Supply supporting documents (ID & Proof of residence)

Step 4: Our matchmaking team will let you know as soon as you have been matched with a suitable candidate

If you think that you could provide a loving, temporary safe haven for one of our awesome dogs or cats, please click on the link below to sign up and one of our matchmakers will be in touch with you to get the ball rolling.