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Coco & Blade
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Coco & Blade

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Meet Bonded Pair, Coco & Blade.

This male and female, bonded pair originally made their way to Dogtown many years ago, they were unwanted by their first family. How anybody could not want these cuties are beyond me but we welcomed them with open arms. It didnt take long for them to get adopted into a loving home where they spent the last 5 years, loved and an integral part of the family.

Then everything changed when their family's circumstances changed and they were forced to surrender the (now senior) duo back to Dogtown. It was heartbreaking to see these much loved dogs come back into a shelter environment but there was no other way.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could get them back into a loving home environment like they are used to.

Coco & Blade are friendly, affectionate dogs who grew up with kids and are used to other dogs. They would love to come make themselves comfortable in your home and heart and spend their golden years with you.

Please come and meet them.