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Meet Simone

What a rollercoaster life this girl has had. We can only imagine what she has been through in her young life but we are so grateful that we were alerted to her plea and that we were able to literally drop everything and go fetch her. She was found severely injured and kept safe until we arrived.

Simone went straight off to the vet where she spent a number of weeks receiving treatment and reconstructive surgery to her face.

Today Simone is a happy girl who loves people. She is affectionate and will get on your lap every chance she gets.

Simone has grown so much in confidence in the last  few months and she enjoys her daily walks with the caregivers.

This beautiful young girl has been through a lot but she is more than ready to put that all behind her and move on to the next chapter in her life, her happy ever after.

Please come and meet her, she is worth it.