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Hi I'm Isabella

Meet Isabella

This young girl is still only a baby herself yet she was rescued with a beautiful litter of pups who have all thankfully been adopted by loving families. Now we really want Isabella to also find her happy ever after.

Isabella was found chained in a township and we knew we had to act fast to get her and her little ones to safety.

Isabella was such a great mom to her puppies and a gentle, soft natured girl. She loves humans of all shapes and sizes.

She is quite playful and loves to join in on a game of tug, especially with puppies.

She is also a big fan of squeaky toys and even more so, tummy tickles which she always asks for when she is around her humans.

Isabella is ready to be adopted and be part of a loving family who will ensure she never ends up in the situation she was in before, which could have ended so badly for her.

Please come and meet her, she would love to show you her big beautiful smile followed by lots of sloppy kisses.



All about me:

Current Status: Up for adoption
Breed: Terrier Bend
Size: Medium (11 - 25Kg)
Age: Young Adult (2 years old)
Gender: Female
I get along with: ChildrenDomestics