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M-Pets Hiking Harness


M-Pets Hiking dog harness A very practical and comfortable Hiking dog harness from M-Pets! This harness is lined with soft padding to ensure maximum comfort for your pet. The harness is sturdy and durable. To ensure the perfect fit and maximum comfort for your dog, the harness is equipped with sliding buckles that allow you to adjust the width at four points. After the initial adjustments, the harness is very easy and quick to put on for daily walks.

Purchasing this feeds a rescue dog 8 meals.

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Size Guide:

Small Hiking Harness
Neck: 30 ~ 45cm
Chest: 35 ~ 60cm

Medium Hiking Harness
Neck: 35 ~ 60cm
Chest: 40 ~ 75cm

Large Hiking Harness
Neck: 45 ~ 70cm
Chest: 45 ~ 95cm

X-Large Hiking Harness
Neck: 64 ~ 90cm
Chest: 50 ~ 110cm

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Large Hiking Harness, Medium Hiking Harness, Small Hiking Harness, X-Large Hiking Harness


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