Pongo Interactive Dog Toy

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Pongo Interactive Dog Toy


The tubes inside the ball emit sounds when the ball is rolled or shaken and it emits treats, keeping dogs entertained and stimulated by engaging their natural instincts to play.

Keeps dogs happy, healthy and fit.

Purchasing this product feeds a rescue dog feeds a rescue dog 6 meals.



Available on back-order


Revitalize Playtime with Shake it up Patch!

Give your four-legged fur baby the mental, physical, and emotional boost they crave, whether they’re flying solo or with a playmate. Inside the M-Pets Pongo Interactive Dog Toy ball lies a world of wonder, where every roll or shake triggers enchanting sounds. This ingenious toy is designed to keep your furry friend captivated, igniting their innate play instincts.

Don’t let your pet miss out on the fun – unleash the excitement of playtime today with the M-Pets Pongo Interactive Dog Toy!