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Snuffle Mats


Snuffle Mats are great to keep your dog occupied and provide mental stimulation by getting them to use both their brain and their noses. This satisfies their natural foraging instincts and is a great way to alleviate boredom.

Snuffle Mats are an ideal tool for in and outdoor use. Use them as a simple treat dispenser or to replace your dog’s regular boring old food bowl – either way the snuffle mat will help to calm and relax your dog, providing him with loads of fun and invigoration.

A Snuffle Mat can also be used as a good distraction during thunderstorms or similar fearful occasions.

Always supervise your dogs (especially puppies) when giving them a Snuffle Mat and remove it once the dogs have finished retrieving all the food/treats – this is to prevent them chewing it and remove any chance of the dogs digesting bits of the mat.

Colours may vary!

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