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Founder and Managing Director


After successfully running my own post-production facility for over 15 years I decided it was time to make a difference and give back to my community.

My passion has always been animals. I’m an internationally qualified dog trainer, animal behaviourist.

After following the programme Dogtown on NatGeo Wild I realised this is what our local shelters are missing. I decided to visit the biggest and most successful animal shelter in the USA to learn how they have become so successful. I attended a workshop on how to start an animal sanctuary at BestFriends Animal Sanctuary in UTAH where I learnt how to create a better life for shelter animals and increase the rate of successfully rehoming dogs.

Shelter dogs have an unfair reputation of being problems dogs but if we could assist shelters with a training and rehabilitation programme for the animals in their care, these dogs can go on to be happy well-adjusted pets.

Phone: 083 222 5180

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