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Volunteers are a vital part of shelters.

It’s too often we say, “But what difference can I make as an individual?”

The truth is that you can make a big difference in any doggie’s life by offering up a little of your personal time each week as a volunteer. All many of these shelter animals need is a little love, a little affection, and a little exercise and as a volunteer, you can fulfill these three basic animal needs. You can also help with administrative tasks and give your services to the shelters wherever they need you.

Pooch Parade

Become a part of the Pooch Parade and help us walk the 150 dogs in our care. (weather dependent)

Snuggle Buggles

The Snuggle Buggles who just want to spend quality time with our furkids.

Paint Saints

The Paint Saints who keep the dog houses painted and in one piece.

Clean Team

Join the Clean Team, and help keep our containers and dog houses clean and tidy.

Volunteers do not necessarily
have the time,
they have the heart

DogtownSA offers a volunteer program, whereby workshops and training is provided for our volunteers. Being a rehabilitation centre, we need our volunteers to assist us with the training and rehabilitation programs for our furkids. Click the + below for more information.

Now there are so many ways, you can help us at the centre, all talents and time given are appreciated, whether  you want to:

  • Become a part of the Pooch Parade and help us walk the 150 dogs in our care. (weather dependent)
  • Join the Clean Team, and help keep our containers and dog houses clean and tidy.
  • The Paint Saints who keep the dog houses, painted and in one piece.
  • The Snuggle Buggles who just want to spend quality time with our furkids.
  • Help us at local markets spread the word about our work and sell our merchandise.
  • Help us keep our website up to date by following up on dogs looking for homes.

There is a place for everyone here at Dogtown.

If you want to learn more about dog behavior and training, we offer exciting free workshops, where you can learn and do more with the dogs and become a part of the Dream Team helping us train our furkids to become the best they can be. The level at which you become a part of our family is totally up to you and we look forward to seeing you soon.

To help our days run smoothly and for us to plan the days, we would appreciate it if you can always contact volunteer@dogtownsa.org and let them know when you would like to volunteer. There is so much we need help with and if we know we have a few extra pairs-of-hands-on deck, our daily plans can include you generously giving up your time.

We are open to volunteers every day, weekends included. Our volunteer times below:

Morning shift is from 9:00 – 12:30 and afternoon shift is from 13:30 – 15:00.

Your volunteer session can be as long as you want, as long as it falls within our scheduled time-slots.

All visitors and volunteers are kindly requested to leave the octagon areas during lunchtime (12:30 – 13:30) so that the dogs (and caregivers) can have a much-needed break and siesta. Please pack a lunch and enjoy your break at one of our picnic benches on the farm, which are away from the doggy areas.

Our centre closes at 16:00 so we need a bit of time before we close to help our dogs settle down again before we all head home, that is why we ask that all volunteers please end off their sessions at 15:00.

We do not have a shop or canteen area (YET) so please make sure to bring the following:

  • Water
  • Lunch (if needed)
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Comfortable (closed-toe) shoes that can handle rocky terrain. (no flip flops or heels)
  • Comfortable clothes that can get dirty
  • Donations – we always appreciate and need basic items like biscuits, peanut butter, blankets, vienna’s and toys for the dogs. At our centre we also go through a lot of dish-washing liquid and washing powder so any donation you can bring will be a huge help to us. But the main thing is that you are spending time with our dogs so if you can’t bring a donation, that is no problem, your time is equally (if not more) valuable to us!

We welcome Community service students and corporate CSI projects and we are so grateful you chose us as your charity. We hope that even once your community service is complete, you will be happy to come and continue your work here at the centre.

An important note:

Students have to be at least 12years old to be able to volunteer at Dogtown. All students under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Students are responsible for keeping records of their own hours and can be signed of by one of our caregivers or trainers at the end of your volunteer session.

Dogtown is based in the beautiful mountains of Hennops River, just outside Hartbeespoort Dam. We are only about 30 minutes from Fourways and just 20 mins from Midrand. Our full address will be provided via email once your booking has been confirmed.

We have a very strict no-smoking policy on the property to ensure our dogs, residents and environment’s safety.

When you arrive at Dogtown for your volunteer session (booking essential) – please report to the RECEPTION AREA (opposite the parking lot) so that the staff member on duty can accompany you to your allocated octagon for your session.

Volunteers are requested to not move between different octagons and to please remain in the area where you have been allocated for your shift.

Apply to Become a volunteer

    Any Queries? Give Us a Call At 076-044-1979

    We are always here to help.