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First of all, thank you for choosing to adopt!

Did you know, that when you adopt a dog  you save 2 LIVES?
The life of your new family and the life of another unwanted pet that can take their place in the shelter.

Adoption is a BIG decision to make. It’s a life long commitment so please make sure that you are ready, willing and able to dedicate the next 10 -15 years of your life to taking care of your new pet.

We understand finding the right pet for your home can be a little stressful, but we are committed to helping you and your family find the perfect addition to your family.



Please read through the DogtownSA adoption procedure: 

Email adopt@dogtownsa.org and let us know what kind of dog you are looking to adopt, what kind of pets you currently have etc. We will then do a matching interview, either via phone or email, to narrow down suitable candidates at Dogtown for you to consider adopting. We will send the online profiles of the suitable dogs to you for you and your family to review.

The next step is a comprehensive application form which you will be required to complete. Once the application is received and approved, we will request a home video to be sent to us (via WhatsApp or email) showing your home and property, specifically focusing on the walling / perimeter, driveway access, dogs sleeping area, garden, street access etc, this will in essence be our preliminary home check.

Once approved, we will make an appointment for your family to visit DogtownSA and meet the suitable candidate/s. If you have current dogs, you will be required to bring your dogs along so that our trainers can introduce the dogs to see if they are compatible.



Basic Requirements

We require proof of residence as well as positive identification.

Applicants must be 21 years of age or older.

In order to qualify to adopt a dog from us, all your existing pets must be sterilized and all dogs have to be an integral part of the family.

It is also compulsory for pups to be enrolled in puppy school BEFORE going to their new homes.

Puppies are only ready for adoption 2 weeks after they have had their second vaccination. (This is non negotiable).


Going home is the FUN part

If all goes well, we will set up an appointment for one of our trainers / behaviorist to take the lucky furkid home.

This is where the actual home check takes place and the dogs will be introduced again at your home.

An adoption agreement seals the deal, an important clause in this contract states that should the family at any time be unable to care for their adopted dog, for whatever reason, the dog must be returned to DogtownSA. We commit to our dogs for life!



Adoption Donation

All dogs / puppies are sterilized, fully vaccinated, micro-chipped and dewormed BEFORE going home.
To help us cover these costs, we do ask for an adoption donation of

R850 for puppies and R650 for adult dogs.


Adoption Application

Once you have read through our adoption procedure, you can proceed to completing the adoption application and send it back to our matchmakers. Our adoption application can be completed within the PDF document and can then be emailed back to us, no need to print it.

Please contact adopt@dogtownsa.org / 076 044 1979 for more info.

Click HERE To download our Adoption Application