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Save Simone

Raised: 8766.23

Save Simone We rescued Simone late afternoon on the 29th of December in the most awful condition. She is currently fighting for her life at the specialist vets. We had rushed her to the vets because half of her jaw is missing and once examined by the vets. They found she also had maggots in her wounds 🙁 to top it off they also discovered she was pregnant and had some dead babies inside her that were making her septic. The vets hoped that they would be able to save some of the other puppies but sadly they were just too far gone. The operation put unexpected stress on our poor girl and right now, she’s just trying to gain some strength. We would like to give our girl everything we can to help her come through this so she can be loved and cherished like she so richly deserves. Please help us Save Simone and Donate Today.

Ongoing Goal

Pay for My Stay

Raised: 2750

Help the Dogtown Rescue team to go out there and rescue abandoned dogs today.

Ongoing Goal

Give us the Power (Solar Project)

Raised: 2200 / Goal: R250 000.00

Ongoing Goal

Sponsor a Grass Patch

Raised: 6265.4

Ongoing Goal

Keep Dogtown Safe

Raised: 500 / Goal: R800 000.00

Ongoing Goal

Giving Tuesday

Raised: 3838.67 / Goal: R150 000.00

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