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Ongoing Goal

Solar Borehole Pump

Raised: R0 / Goal: R87 000.00

Help us SAVE R10000 a month by getting our borehole reinstated

Ongoing Goal

Pet Food Pantry

Raised: 500

More and more families are struggling to make ends meet. Please help us keep pets and their families together

Ongoing Goal

Save Simone

Raised: 8766.23

Help us be there for dogs like Simone. Your support is what helps us give her the lifeline she needs and deserves.

Ongoing Goal

Pay for My Stay

Raised: 2750

Help the Dogtown Rescue team to go out there and rescue abandoned dogs today.

Ongoing Goal

Give us the Power (Solar Project)

Raised: 2200 / Goal: R250 000.00

Ongoing Goal

Sponsor a Grass Patch

Raised: 6265.4

Ongoing Goal

Keep Dogtown Safe

Raised: 500 / Goal: R800 000.00

Ongoing Goal

Giving Tuesday

Raised: 3838.67 / Goal: R150 000.00

Ongoing Goal