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Dog Devotion

Our FREE Dog Devotion Card Programme means if you pass away, you won’t have to worry about your furkid because there will be a safe spot for them at Dogtown.

We will provide the best possible care for your beloved fur kid
while doing our utmost to find them a new loving home.
You know that if your dog is in our care, they will receive the enrichment and love the really deserve, by our certified trainer and behaviourists.

How our Dog Devotion Works

If you pass away, your Dog Guardian will be able to contact DogTown and arrange for your dog to come into our sanctuary. Our qualified team will use all the information given to us to tailor-make an enrichment programme to make sure their stay with us is a happy one. If you choose, we will get straight to work to find a responsible, caring new owner for your dog. A family to pick up where you left off. While we wait for that loving home to come along. We will look after your furkid for the rest of their life because we never put down a healthy dog. We treat every one of our dogs like a beloved family member and ensure they get all the loving care they need in our beautiful sanctuary.

Follow these simple steps to become a Dog Devotion Card holder
Choose someone to be your Dog Guardian, so that if you pass away or become seriously ill, they can sign over ownership of your dog to DogTown on your behalf. It should be someone you trust, like a friend, family member, lawyer, neighbour or vet. Please don’t forget to ask them first, as you will need to provide us with their contact details.

Complete the online application form. We will review your application and, once approved, we’ll send your free Dog Devotion Card to you.
Fill in the Dog Devotion Card when it arrives. It fits in with the rest of your cards in your wallet or purse, so that it can always be found.

We recommend that, if possible, you leave instructions in your Will confirming that you would like DogTownSA to look after your dog. This will help to ensure that your last wishes are fulfilled. The suggested wording is, “It is also my wish that DogTownSA cares for and/or rehomes my dog at the time of my death”.

You’ve made sure your dog will be loved forever, will you help thousands more?

Many people who join the Devotion Programme also decide to leave a gift to DogTown SA in their Will, as a way of saying thank you for securing the future of their canine companion. Gifts in Wills are crucial to Dogtown SA as they account for all funds used to better our centre so we can save more lives.


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