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Meet Joshua

This handsome chap was born and raised in Cape Town. Sadly his family could not take care of him anymore and he was surrendered to a shelter for rehoming. Unfortunately Joshua was overlooked time and time again. We were asked to assist with finding a home for him and just like that, Joshua hopped on a plain and and landed himself a spot in Dogtown.

Joshua didnt spend much time at Dogtown before being adopted, we were over the moon. Finally Joshua got to be part of a loving family again. He flourished in his new home and loved every minute of his new life, then tragedy hit and he lost his human again :(

Joshua once again found himself at Dogtown, devastated that his world had been turned upside down again. He quickly settled back into routine though and since that day, he has been patiently waiting for another chance at a loving family.

Joshua enjoys the outdoors and is always up for an adventure. He is social with other dogs and a real people pleaser.

If you think you can be the happy-ever-after that Joshua has been waiting for, please get in touch.