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Hello – I’m Pat and I fundraise for the Dogs of Dogtown.  I am too stupid and sensitive to physically work with the dogs, so I am blessed to work from home with my six spoiled (read ruined) FurKids.  I use the term “work” loosely as I consider what I do to be an honour and privilege.  If asked. “What would you do for free” my answer would be “This”.

Every picture of me as a child features some species of animal, and my unofficial career in animal welfare began at age 10.  I won’t describe the experience as it haunts me to this day 56 years later.

Later on in life, my dream of working for animals came true, and I spent 13 years dedicated to raising funds for small and large animals doing literally anything legal to ensure they received the best possible care.  Needless to say I have adopted countless dogs of the abused and unwanted variety over the years.

Dogtown is another dream come true, because the residents on our farm lead charmed lives.  Nothing is too much trouble for every single dog in our care and our caregiving staff and behaviorists deserve the highest possible accolade.  Every supporter is considered a friend, and they are the best humans life has to offer.  Each donation, large or small, is treated with the reverence it deserves

In short, I am grateful every day for being trusted and allowed to do what comes naturally to me.

May Dogtown, Barking Mad and Spay-it-Forward continue to grow and prosper.

Phone: 060 930 1111

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